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Everybody Lost Their Collective Shit For Labor's Former Prime Ministers

But there was one missing, of course.

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During Labor's ~official~ campaign launch, the party trotted out its former prime ministers and everyone bloody lost their minds.

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First, out came Julia Gillard. Opposition leader Bill Shorten introduced her as "a trailblazer for women and girls, a fierce warrior for education and advancement, and a continuing inspiration to everyone who fights for Labor." *cue mad cheering*

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Then out came Paul Keating (dressed in his trademark double-breasted suit) who Shorten said was "a man of courage, conviction and imagination... the reason true believers kept the faith."

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Lastly, the biggest cheer was for Bob Hawke, who came out walking with a cane. Shorten grabbed the chance to repeat Hawke’s slogan from another era: “Medicare stays.”

Mick Tsikas / AAPIMAGE

There’s one missing right? YES! Kevin Rudd, who was last in Australia to bitch and complain about Julia Gillard in The Killing Season. The 26th prime minister is in Russia and sent his regards.

Proud to be a member of the Australian Labor Party for 35 years now. Wishing @BillShortenMP all the best for the campaign launch today KRudd

His absence was noticed by EVERYONE.

Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Julia Gillard... I could have sworn there was another one... ;) #LaborLaunch

At least Hawke and Keating could put aside their differences and bathe in the party's admiration.

great to see bob hawke, paul keating, julia gillard put their differences aside for #TeamALP

But, Bob Hawke & Paul Keating are sitting next to each other. Maybe that'll be Kevin & Julia in a few decades? #LaborLaunch #ausvotes

Watching Bob Hawke and Paul Keating pretending to like each other is gold! #ausvotes #auspol #LaborLaunch

The Labor "true believers" were really having a moment.

Sering Paul Keating together with Julia Gillard brings a tear to my eye 😢 there's an endorsement for Julia if you needed one #laborlaunch

Paul Keating fan right here #Election2016

And for a brief moment, Labor’s former prime ministers took the knives out of their backs and presented a united front in the front row of Shorten’s launch.

Bob Hawke, Paul Keating & Julia Gillard. Visionary. Brave. Real reform that made Australia a better place #ausvotes

But, Bob Hawke & Paul Keating are sitting next to each other. Maybe that'll be Kevin & Julia in a few decades? #LaborLaunch #ausvotes

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