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    Angry People Are Promising To Move To Australia If Donald Trump Is Elected

    "Lowkey want Trump to win the election so I have an excuse to move to Australia..."

    Donald Trump continues to lead in the polls to be named the Republican presidential nominee and it's freaking the hell out of some Americans.

    As every day goes by more and more people are making a very simple commitment.

    If Trump becomes president in 2016, I WILL move to Australia.

    If Trump becomes president they *will* move to Australia.

    If Donald Trump is elected, will you move to Australia with me?

    First of all, like, why not? Australia is bloody great.

    If Trump was ever our president I would move to Australia so fast.

    Grandma is on board.

    "Donald Trump makes me want to move to Australia" -Grandma

    Strewth even Grandpa is on board.

    my grandpa promised me (with my friend in the car) that if trump got elected president that we'd move to australia and he sounded genuine

    So is mom*

    me: mom if donald trump becomes president, can we move to australia? mom: yes

    *Sorry she'll be called your "mum" if you move to Australia.

    Look there are certainly other options and we understand.

    Lowkey want Trump to win the election so I have an excuse to move to Australia or England lol jk jk jk fuck him.

    Africa, London and Australia are all thousands of miles* from "President Trump".

    Wondering.... if Donald Trump actually gets the nomination where am I'm going move...Africa....London....or Australia? #Ijs

    *Sorry you'll be measuring things in "kilometres" if you move here.

    New Zealand is just next door too.

    A lot of people say they'd move to Canada if Trump wins. I say that's too close so I prefer New Zealand or Australia.

    And it's great Americans are weighing up what'll be more dangerous.

    if donald trump becomes president I'll deadass move to australia cause I'd rather deal with deadly ass animals

    There's kangaroos.

    If Donald Trump were to become president, I would have to move to the middle of Australia and live with kangaroos for the rest of my life

    Beaches are sick.

    Instead of moving to California, I will move to Australia if Donald Trump wins so I can still be the surfer dude I aspire to be in peace.

    Also our gun laws are by definition ~tight~.

    So I heard Australia has oppressive gun control and doesn't have trump running for president, so who wants to move with me?

    Whoah m8 easy up.

    If Trump actually *did* win I'd probably move back to Australia, but the accents there are so annoying.

    There's even some Americans who'll move if other candidates win.

    I cannot stand Ben Carson or Donald Trump. I will literally move to Europe or Australia if either of those men EVER end up in the WH.

    Like it appears they'll be unhappy regardless.

    Donald Trump speaks like a 4th grader. I will move to Australia if there is a Trump or Clinton Presidency!

    Australia is not ruled by a mendacious racist though. This is our prime minister.

    Who wants to move to Australia with me if #Trump becomes President?


    hey @australia if donald trump wins the election can I move in?

    We get it.

    Just let it be known that I wanted to move to Australia before Donald Trump was on the scene.

    If Trump wins some people will be happy, many will be sad and remember, you can always move to Australia.

    But if Donald Trump wins by some odd reason I will move to Australia. That place is great