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TV Host Slams Shane Warne's Questions About Getting Drunk

"We sit here and celebrate that..."

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Channel Nine TV host David Campbell has criticised cricketer Shane Warne's "thirsty" questions and said it is proof Australia has a problem with alcohol.

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Warne caused a stir when he interviewed Australia's World Cup winning cricketers last night, repeatedly asking how "thirsty" they were and how much they'd drink.

After the hashtag #thirsty trended around Australia, Warne tweeted at his critics.

Do gooders get stuffed. Straya is the best place in the world, not politically correct, keep it real. Aussies celebrate properly ! #thirsty


Warne couldn't help himself standing up for the Australian players' deep thirst.

Aust has won the World Cup after 6 weeks of hard work & people are banging on that I asked the players about a drink to celebrate ? Please