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33 GIFs That Help Explain Malcolm Turnbull's First Year As Prime Minister

Happy birthday, Mr Turnbull!

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1. On September 14, 2015, Malcolm Turnbull strode out purposefully to the senate gardens and told Australia he had just resigned as communications minister and was challenging Tony Abbott for the leadership of the federal parliamentary Liberal party.


4. A few hours later he'd done it! Marshalling numbers among moderate Liberals and a few disheartened conservatives, Turnbull surprised Abbott and won by 10 votes in the Liberal partyroom.

5. Unlike Abbott, deputy leader Julie Bishop survived. Australia's Frank and Claire Underwood lookalikes held a late night press conference and Daddy Turnbull told the country it was time for bed.


8. Turnbull moved fast, promising to bring back ~traditional~ cabinet government. One of his most applauded moves was promoting women to senior positions, including giving Australia its first female defence minister, Marise Payne.


18. Turnbull also floated the idea of the biggest reform of the tax system in decades. He wanted to give the states the power to collect income tax. The idea lasted less than a week before it was dropped.

19. It wasn't the only idea he had. There were possible GST changes, and he flirted with tinkering with negative gearing. He dumped both ideas, before joking that rich parents should help their kids "shell out" for a house.


32. It's been a crazy 365 days for the man destined to be PM since he was a child. On the one-year anniversary of his ascent to the top job, he introduced Tony Abbott's marriage equality plebiscite to the parliament.

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