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The Prime Minister "Liked" His Eighth Tweet Last Night And It's Intriguing

"Let's go old Malcolm, rev it up!"

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The first question in Sunday night's leaders' debate was from the Australian Financial Review's political editor Laura Tingle, who asked Malcolm Turnbull whether he accepted that voters were disappointed with him since he became PM.

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Turnbull's popularity has plummeted since he became PM. Voters preferred the "old Malcolm" and his outspoken advocacy on issues such as climate change and marriage equality.

When Tingle asked the question, Turnbull was like, bring it on! He repeated twice: "If you want to talk about climate change, I'd like to talk about climate change".

Turnbull: “If you want to talk about climate change, I’d like to talk about climate change” — let’s go old Malcolm, rev it up.

Minutes later, Malcolm Turnbull favourited this tweet.


It's intriguing for several reasons, not least because Turnbull has favourited only eight tweets in the last year. Just eight!

Of those tweets, all but last night's tweet praise him. And Turnbull is not just an occasional Twitter user, either. He's known to sit on Twitter during question time, scrolling through his feed on his iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

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So why did he favourite the tweet? Here's a string of possible answers.

1. Malcolm Turnbull bumped his Apple Watch against the lectern.

2. It's somehow Siri's fault.

3. A staffer was logged into Malcolm Turnbull's Twitter account and did it deliberately.

4. A staffer was logged into Malcolm Turnbull's Twitter account and did it accidentally.

5. A staffer's Tweetdeck was all over the fucking place and a cat ran across the keyboard.

6. Malcolm Turnbull had his iPad on the lectern and was throwing the tweet a very shady like.

7. Malcolm Turnbull's wife Lucy had control of his phone in the audience and was liking the tweet to lodge her protest against his current stance on climate change.

8. Malcolm Turnbull had logged onto Twitter using his grandson Jack's iPad last week. Jack Turnbull was expressing his preference for action on climate change.

9. "Old Malcolm" and "new Malcolm" are actually the same person. It works much in the same way as the time loop in Game of Thrones involving Bran and the Three Eyed-Raven. Details of the paradox can be found here.

10. "Old Malcolm" is trapped in the Apple devices and is crying out for help.

As the time of writing the tweet remains favourited. We will update this post if that changes.

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