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This Map Shows How Rising Sea Levels Will Affect Australia's Coasts

"Time doesn't mean anything when you're about to, you know, have water lapping at your door."

The people of Sydney are familiar with striking images of the city getting destroyed. Like, remember when the kaiju breached our (frankly pathetic) sea wall in Pacific Rim?

Warner Bros.

Or when Bondi Beach had a massive spaceship fall on it in Independence Day?

20th Century Fox

Then there was that time Midnight Oil showed Sydney to be a desert hellscape on the cover of Red Sails in the Sunset.


Or the tsunami that crashed into the Opera House in the promotional material for The Day After Tomorrow.

Warner Bros.

Some of this shit is around the corner. Remember how huge storms lashed the east coast of Australia earlier this month and reminded everyone that our coastal lifestyle is under serious fucking threat?

David Moir / AAPIMAGE

Well now there's a website that shows you how rising sea levels could impact Australia's coastline.

Data and mapping company NGIS has set up coastalrisk.com.au. The site maps sea level rises on Google Earth according to different scenarios presented by the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The best case scenario, with a big reduction in emissions, would see sea levels rise by 0.44 metres by 2100, according to the IPCC. The worst case would see the sea levels up by 0.74 metres.

It's a fun tool and we tried it. For our example, here is prime minister Malcolm Turnbull's stately manor, which sits directly on the water at Point Piper in Sydney's eastern suburbs.

David Moir / AAPIMAGE

If you enter Turnbull's house into the site and apply the scenarios, you get the picture pretty quickly. The PM's front yard and beautiful jetty are going under by 2100.

The value of his neighbourhood's harbourside mansions are probably rooted, unless emissions are radically reduced. So maybe he has skin in the game now?

Because remember, as Peter Dutton once said...

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ABC News


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