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This Lamb Stuffed With Weed Gives A New Definition To "Pot Roast"

It's the Aussie pot roast.

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Northern Territory police have uncovered a lamb roast stashed with weed and it's one of the most Australian things ever.

NT police

Authorities said the lamb roast (reduced from $34 to $22) was being sent from "a remote location" and was stopped when x-rayed by police.

"The lamb was subjected to an autopsy where 20 grams of cannabis was removed from the pot roast," joked Northern Territory police on its Facebook page.

"One a serious note, investigations into this attempted smuggling are ongoing and police will continue to target the possession and distribution of drugs and alcohol into remote communities."

Despite the seriousness of the crime, no-one in Australia can hold back from joking about it.

NT police

@MarkDiStef @abcnewsNT Are... the offenders... on the lam?

@ClintonDucas @smurray38 @SquigglyRick @MarkDiStef @abcnewsNT Pot roast.

@smurray38 They probably legged it. *ducks* @SquigglyRick @MarkDiStef @abcnewsNT

Defense argument: it's mint. RT @MarkDiStef: NT police find 20g of cannabis smuggled in a lamb roast via @abcnewsNT