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This Twitter Account Totally Nails The Dark State Of Australian Politics

Stop the moats.

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The WTF Renaissance Twitter account gives us an insight into what all those old timey pictures have really been about. Now the mastermind behind the account has turned to the seedy, decrepit world of #auspol.

Tony had assembled a crack team for the #qanda inquiry.

Take for instance its look at the Q&A scandal and the show's transparent grab at viewers... perfectly immortalised in The Last Supper.

Despite the pointless controversy, #qanda ratings had never been better.

And Tony Abbott's claims that wind farms are "visually awful".

Tony was right. A windfarm would have been a blight on the otherwise tranquil landscape.

Or even George Brandis' cuts to arts funding.

Brandis had become obsessed with cutting off things other people need. #artscuts #auspol

WTF Renaissance does the perfect job putting Australian politics into its rightful perspective.

Kate refused to comment on whether she'd received government payments while in her role as a people smuggler #auspol

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