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Chris Bowen Shaved Off His Beard Which Means It's Totally On

It's on, so it's been shaved off.

As the election campaign kicks into full swing, political nerds were shocked to wake up to breaking news this morning.

#BREAKING @Bowenchris has shaved. #auspol #ausvotes

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen showed up without his beard on Sky News Agenda!!!!

Sky News

Bowen told Sky News: "There's never been a more exciting time to have a beard" but "sometimes (I) shave and this morning I shaved."

Sky News

The man who wants to be treasurer in seven weeks was making a strong facial statement.

There will be no bearded Treasurers under a government I lead.

His ginger beard, which popped up at the start of this year, was the source of great rumor and suspicion with some people comparing him to The Office's David Brent.

.@dtsmith_sydney just told me Chris Bowen with a beard looks like David Brent and yep, now that’s all I see.

It even saw betting agencies create markets about Bowen's gingey beard.

And now it's gone, a nation is divided.

@mrbenjaminlaw I thought it made him look like a middle aged swinger on Reddit. But- no judgement.

So we need to do some polling on the issue. This is Bowen with a red and grey-flecked beard.

This is baby-faced Bowen.

Darrian Traynor / Getty Images
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