Yes, Australia's Anti-Refugee Ads Are Really Now In War Zones

    The government advertisements warn refugees fleeing persecution they'll never be allowed to set foot in Australia if they get on boats.

    Wall Street Journal Middle East columnist Yaroslav Trofimov was scrolling through a news story on his phone on Sunday when this Australian anti-refugee ad popped up.

    As anti-refugee advertising spreads among the tens of thousands of people fleeing active war zones, Australian bombers and special forces continue to contribute to the anti-ISIS war effort in Syria and northern Iraq.

    The ads are a signature element of the Australian government's "Operation Sovereign Borders", which has seen the military called in to tow back asylum-seeker boats to Indonesia.

    The operation has been heralded by some right-wing groups in Europe as a great success. Australia's PR tactics were even adopted by prominent Dutch anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders earlier this year.