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    Boycott Of World Congress Of Families Heads For Senate Vote

    Australian Senator to introduce motion demanding politicians stay clear of WCF.

    Federal Senator Larissa Waters will bring the issue of the World Congress of Families to the Australian Senate after drafting a motion to boycott the pro-life, anti-gay marriage group's Melbourne conference.

    The WCF announced in May that it was coming to Australia to honour Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews, for what has now been revealed as an international award called, "Natural Family Man of the Year."

    Since then, several progressive groups have been lining up to oppose the conference, with 'The Vocal Majority' creating a photo album of diverse Australian families to present to Mr Andrews.

    "The WCF may be crazy extremists, but they're powerful. In Texas, they lobbied for laws that made maternal deaths quadruple. In Uganda and Russia, they pushed laws that criminalised LGBTQ people, and fueled violence and murder. This hate group destroys families," the Director of Vocal Majority, Melanie Poole told BuzzFeed.

    Senator Waters is expected to be joined by Labor MP Andrew Leigh to present a photo album on behalf of the group.

    "f Kevin Andrews believes, as the WCF does, that only some Australian families count, then he needs to resign as Minister for Social Services," said Ms Poole.

    The office of Kevin Andrews has been approached for comment.