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This Polish Aristocrat Just Challenged Nigel Farage To A Fight To The Death

"Are you up for it, Mr Farage?"

A self-styled Polish prince has brandished a sword and challenged UKIP leader Nigel Farage to a fight to the death.

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In the challenge, posted to YouTube, Andrzej Zylinski says he has "had enough of the discrimination of Polish people in this country" and cites Farage blaming migrants for traffic jams.

"Enough is enough, Mr Farage," he says. "I'd like us to meet in Hyde Park one morning with our swords and resolve this matter in a way an 18th-century Polish aristocrat and an English gentleman would traditionally do."

Zylinski said that if Farage's sword was "a little rusty", he'd settle for a duel of words in a TV studio.

Frederik Florin / Getty Images

BuzzFeed News approached the Farage camp with the offer, and one source replied, "Yawn."

But not so fast! It turns out people really want to see the duel.

I would love to see a televised sabre duel between Nigel #Farage and a Polish prince, in a palace, in 18th century attire. #QualityTV

Oh, go on then..... **slaps @Nigel_Farage with white glove** Sir - I, too, challenge you to a duel! #challengenigel

"Nigel Farage has been challenged to a duel with swords by a man claiming to be a Polish prince" I would pay good money to see this.

A Polish prince challenged Nigel Farage to a duel with swords today. Occasionally I love this planet.

Maybe the UK election has found its new hero.

The Polish Prince who has challenged Nigel #Farage to an actual duel in Hyde Park is my new hero.

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