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A Premium Seller Of Jungle Juice Is Now Linked To Cory Bernardi's Website

The conservative senator denies hiring a company with links to an online amyl nitrate shop to buy a domain for him... *taps nose knowingly*

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A few months ago some LGBT activists played a viral prank on conservative senator Cory Bernardi by buying the domain name '' and putting up this holder page. now redirects to this:

But the jig was up this week.

Australia's self-regulatory body for domain names ( yanked it, telling the activists that the website did not have "a close and substantial connection" with the domain name.


Bernardi - who wants to build a "movement to unite conservatives", like Donald Trump - may have bought the domain and redirected the .au domain to his current website. Simple.


Amyl Nitrate aka "jungle juice" aka "poppers" is a popular stimulant among gay men, who sniff the liquid and experience a dizzying head rush which also relaxes muscles in a way that makes anal sex more comfortable.

Questions have also been sent to Arrive Online Pty. Ltd. about why it bought the domain and redirected it to the senator's website. Smells weird right?

Mark Di Stefano is a media and politics reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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