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    Rupert Murdoch Is Pot Calling The Kettle Black

    Former Australian citizen invokes PM's Chief of Staff Peta Credlin's "patriotism" tweeting she should resign.

    Rupert Murdoch’s wandering fingers have weighed into the debate about the reported chaos within Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s office. Three tweets on Wednesday called for Mr Abbott to sack his Chief of Staff Peta Credlin.

    The former Australian citizen called for Credlin to be replaced or "she must do her patriotic duty and resign".

    Abbott again. Tough to write, but if he won't replace top aide Peta Credlin she must do her patriotic duty and resign. More

    He conceded it was a "cruel choice".

    Forget fairness. This change only way to recover team work and achieve so much possible for Australia. Leading involves cruel choices.

    But the media mogul insisted it was the only way for Mr Abbott to revive his flagging popularity.

    Credlin a good person. Just appealing to her proven patriotism.

    Mr Abbott is under intense pressure following a series of unpopular decisions, including handing an Australian knighthood to Prince Philip. It's left Liberal backbenchers unhappy and considering action.

    Murdoch had tweeted out his own views about Mr Abbott's decision yesterday, taking him to task for the embarrassing decision.

    @sprocket___ Abbott knighthood a joke and embarrassment. Time to scrap all honours everywhere, including UK.

    But it was Murdoch's call for Credlin's resignation that stirred up people.

    What if I told you that Peta Credlin was not the cause of all the ills of the Abbott govt?

    Someone needs to have a frank discussion with Rupert Murdoch about double spacing his sentence breaks.

    Rupert must learn that one cannot sledge across the ocean. Deeply unpatriotic conduct

    And Crikey's Bernard Keane was among several people pointing out Murdoch was being quite the hypocrite.

    "patriotic duty" says the bloke who abandoned Australian citizenship for the US for financial gain @rupertmurdoch