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    This Is What The Prime Minister For Women Did On International Women's Day

    Fighting for equal rights, on the frontline.

    Australia's prime minister for women* Tony Abbott started International Women's Day with a visit to his local fire station in Sydney.

    Thrilled to receive my 10yr service medal @ the Davidson Rural Fire Brigade AGM-congrats to Jason, Colin & Warren too

    *One of Mr Abbott's titles really is "prime minister for women".

    Unlike the myriad of International Women's Day events held around the world to celebrate women, Mr Abbott went to receive his special medal for 10 years service to the volunteer fire fighters.

    .@TonyAbbottMHR in uniform at Davidson Rural Fire Brigade. He is getting a medal for 10 yrs of volunteer service.

    And boy did he get to discuss women's issues with these burly blokes.

    There were women at the event, by our count about eight.

    Then it was off to western Sydney, Australia's political bellweather region, where Mr Abbott got to advocate on behalf of women everywhere...

    ... with NSW premier Mike Baird.

    Prime minister for women is a serious job, especially on International Women's Day. That's why Mr Abbott held a press conference straight after turning the sod on a new road project.

    WATCH LIVE: PM @TonyAbbottMHR & @mikebairdMP speaking in Sydney #auspol #nswpol

    With three other men.

    Cheers are going up around the M4! Work begins on M4 widening, part of WestConnex. #delivering

    Don't worry there were lots of laughs to be had though... the press conference included talk about foreign fighters, roads, the NSW election, the Bali Nine and absolutely zero mentions that it was International Women's Day.

    It started to feel like Mr Abbott had forgot about International Women's Day... AND THEN BAM! A Facebook message in the afternoon, flanked by his wife and three daughters.

    Meanwhile former prime minister Julia Gillard penned a powerful message to mark the day, focusing on girls education.

    Facebook: juliagillard

    Remember the last time Ms Gillard was on the front foot, standing up for women while Mr Abbott remained relatively silent?