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John Oliver Delivered The Perfect Comeback To A Question About Donald Trump

Tl;dr... here's a mirror.

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Just minutes after comedian John Oliver won an Emmy award on Sunday, he was asked about Donald Trump.

It was Channel 10 entertainment reporter, Angela Bishop, who (nearly exactly) a year ago had asked Oliver about Australian prime minister Tony Abbott being sacked by his party.

Back then, Oliver was thrilled at the news.

Not deterred, Bishop asked Oliver what he would do if Trump became president. Oliver laid a burn on the Aussie reporter, suggesting she have a look at her own country's patchy record on immigration.

There are dozens of examples of Australia's mistreatment of refugees and asylum seekers. One example is the UN's special expert on torture claiming Australia's offshore immigration network regularly breaches the torture convention.

You can watch Oliver's withering comeback to the Aussie in the opening minute of his post-Emmy Awards press conference.

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