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This MP Brought A "My Little Pony" To Parliament And Now He's Being Harassed By Bronies

Nobody puts Rarity in a corner.

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Watts and fellow MP Pat Conroy brought what they thought were "unicorns" into Question Time to sledge treasurer Scott Morrison who had previously likened Labor's tax policy to a "unicorn" fantasy. There's now a bizarre unicorn Morrison meme.

@MrPkD How about the treasurer? @annabelcrabb @ScottMorrisonMP @samanthamaiden #auspol


The men retreated to their offices and tweeted about the stunt, calling them "unicorns" and definitely "not a pony".

@PatConroy1 @Rashidajourno my daughter will attest that this a unicorn, not a pony. Morrison certainly recognised it

Well bronies did not take that well.

@TimWattsMP @PatConroy1 @Rashidajourno I'll have you know the unicorns have been full members of pony society since the peaceful merger (1/2

Bronies, which is the subculture of devoted male fans of the "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" TV series, wanted Watts to know that he had the pony named "Rarity".

@TimWattsMP @PatConroy1 @Rashidajourno of Unicornia, Pegasopolis, and Dirtville spearheaded by Clover the Clever(2/2

See Rarity is a fashion designer and seamstress in the town of Ponyville and bronies love her.

@TimWattsMP @PatConroy1 @Rashidajourno Sir, Rarity makes dresses, she's NOT a politician. #auspoli


There were even suggestions she's the perfect symbol for a politician who supported small business.

@TimWattsMP #Rarity is a small-businesspony who might well agree with you on your position against higher taxation; well played, sir. #MLP

One person suggested Watts had a fake Rarity.

@DlSCORD @TimWattsMP @PatConroy1 @Rashidajourno Dude, no cutie mark. It's not Rarity. It's a knockoff. She'd be offended.

"The best that the Treasurer could muster was to call (our) serious tax policy a 'unicorn' or a 'pixie horse'. I thought this was a joke and Rarity helped me to highlight this in the Parliament," said Watts.

"Now that Rarity has served her Parliamentary duties she will spend her retirement in my daughter's bedroom."

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