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    22 Simple Reasons Sydney Is Way More "Liveable" Than Melbourne

    Melbourne won the "world's most liveable city" for a fifth straight year... were the judges not counting Sydney?????

    1. Let's start with the lack of train from the airport. WTF is a SkyBus?

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    2. Sydney has a train for you right away. That's very liveable.

    3. The trams. Everyone says they love the trams when we all know they're complicated, expensive, and get in the way.

    David Crosling / AAPIMAGE

    4. Sydney has these things called ferries, which are not only a major tourist attraction, but you can catch them to work, too!

    Joel Carrett / AAPIMAGE

    5. What's going on with the colour of the Yarra River? It's brown. What's going on, Melbourne?

    Paul Jeffers / Getty Images

    6. Sydney is built around a deep blue harbour. It also has a world-class zoo where giraffes can literally take in the landscape porn all day.

    Mark Nolan / Getty Images

    7. There's also the world's most beautiful/esteemed opera house. Like, no biggie.

    Mark Metcalfe / Getty Images

    8. While in Melbourne, this is what passes for ~art~.

    Indranil Mukherjee / AFP / Getty Images

    9. Let's talk about "hook turns". What are they? Why do they exist? Are you too good to turn right from the right lane, Melbourne?

    10. Also, Melbourne just elected cricketer Shane Warne as its "king". As in, Shane Warne in charge of Melbourne.

    11. Not to get too real but Melbourne is, like, the Australian HQ of far-right group Golden Dawn.

    12. See this, Melbourne? It's called a beach, with sun and waves and happy people.

    Torsten Blackwood / AFP / Getty Images

    13. They're everywhere in Sydney. There are beaches in the north of the city.

    Pool / Getty Images

    14. And beaches in the south of the city.

    Matt King / Getty Images

    15. This is a Melbourne beach.

    Martin Philbey / AAPIMAGE

    16. You'd think a key indicator of "liveability" would be weather. Well, it always rains in Melbourne.

    Michael Dodge / Getty Images

    17. Especially in the summer.

    Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

    18. This is Sydney.

    Paul Miller / AAPIMAGE

    19. This is Melbourne.

    Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

    20. Here's Sydney again.

    Mike Gee / NEWZULU

    21. And Melbourne again.

    Scott Barbour / Getty Images

    22. Sydney is the most liveable city in the world, case closed.

    Cameron Spencer / Getty Images