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Literally Just 17 Election Stories That'll Make You Say "Hey, Isn't That Interesting?"

A lot of really interesting stuff happened. Promise.

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1. Let's start off with the fact a Muslim woman was elected in a marginal seat.

Anne Aly's win is the biggest story of election. Libs played race card and lost. Lesson: voters don't want main parties playing this game.

Labor's Anne Aly won in a very tight race in the WA seat of Cowan. That's despite the Liberal party launching a scare campaign in relation to her time helping young Muslim men as a deradicalisation expert.

Did you also notice that it was Ramadan during the election? You probably didn't know that Anne Aly was fasting while campaigning.

Rebecca Le May / AAPIMAGE

BuzzFeed News has been told Aly didn't fast on some days. On those days she donated meals to disadvantaged families. She becomes the second Muslim person in federal parliament, joining Ed Husic in the Labor caucus.


For those who didn't, James Ashby was at the centre of an incredible scandal that threatened to bring down the former Labor government.

Tracey Nearmy / AAPIMAGE

Ashby claimed then-speaker Peter Slipper had sexually harassed him while he was working in his office. Ashby allegedly consulted with prominent Liberal party figures including Mal Brough, Wyatt Roy and Christopher Pyne.

Ashby eventually dropped the case against Slipper and withdrew from politics - until now. The Australian Federal Police continues to investigate "Ashbygate" to this day.


4. Roy was Australia's youngest ever MP, but he lost his seat this election. The 26-year-old lost in a tight race thanks to One Nation giving its preferences to Labor, not to Roy.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our community in parliament & country as Assistant Minister for Innovation.

5. And here's one for you, let's call it, "The Sunrise Curse". Both participants of Sunrise's weekly political panel, Derryn Hinch and Pauline Hanson, were elected to the senate.


BuzzFeed News revealed last year Sunrise paid Hanson to be part of its program. Without doubt the exposure for both Hinch and Hanson helped them into the parliament.

7. What about the story of the Coalition fighting with itself! The Nationals decided to run against their usual allies, the Liberal party, in Victoria. The Nats won easily.

Just catching up on some results: The Nationals really did a job on the Liberals in Sharman Stone's Victorian seat.

The situation was brought about by the retirement of popular Liberal MP Dr Sharman Stone. The Nationals and Liberals decided to fight each other and Damian Drum came out on top.


8. Say goodbye to the bellwether. Since 1972, the seat of Eden Monaro would always go to the party that wins government. Not anymore. Labor's Mike Kelly won the seat with the Liberals retaining government.

9. Unless you live in Tasmania you would have missed that Labor's Lisa Singh and Liberal Richard Colbeck staged a below the line revolution!

Alan Porritt / AAPIMAGE

Singh and Colbeck were relegated down their party's senate tickets. So what did they do? They staged aggressive campaigns, calling for people to ignore the party instructions and vote below the line for them.

The results aren't known yet, but you can read up on the implications here.

10. Australia met Isla Turnbull.

Lukas Coch / AAPIMAGE

The PM's grand-daughter became one of the stars of the campaign in the final week. One-year-old Isla is the daughter of Malcolm's son Alex Turnbull and partner Yvonne Wang.


11. Come to think of it, the story of Grandpa Turnbull and the way the campaign used his family was fascinating. You had his son Alex, wife Yvonne, and Isla who were visiting from Singapore. Then daughter Daisy and her husband James Brown with their son Jack.


14. Did you also miss the fact Labor leader Bill Shorten went on a run on the Monday morning after the election wearing a North Queensland Cowboys rugby league jersey?

Three of the seats in doubt on Monday morning were in Queensland. One, Herbert, is ground zero for the North Queensland cowboys franchise. A very subtle dig, Bill. Lovely.

15. Australian Idol host James Mathison didn't win but he did take home more than $25,000 in public funding for the votes he scored. Not a bad pay day. BuzzFeed News understands MTV is considering making a documentary/series about Mathison's run.

Instagram: @osher_gunsberg

And this tweet from Sky News presenter Peter van Onselen has been printed on the back of their hoodies.

Labor's CHQ is a complete mess...article coming later this week.


But did you know Halal snack packs have been around for YONKS. They've been known by many other names (ever heard of a "meat box"?) and in Adelaide the HSP is called an "AB". Apparently, AB stands for either "Afterbirth" or "Abortion".

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The more you know.

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