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This Is The Hero Australia Needs Right Now

Do you like it Ruff?

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In a world of slick political campaigns and shady preference deals, one candidate for today's NSW election chose to stand alone. A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A dark knight.

Robert Mack

Dr Ruff is a man of action. He doesn't have time for your bullshit. He doesn't even have time to brush his hair, or sit up straight or to wear his tie like a normal person in his campaign picture.

Ties just get in the way.

He also has some incredible people backing him.

Locals are taking notice and are ready to vote for him.

Last minute pamphlet drop by Dr Ruff got my attention. I get the sense no BS kind of guy. Gets my vote #nswvotes

I'm Dr. Ruff and I'm [throws back tie] ready to Ruffle some feathers.

Though some might not be taking Dr Ruff all that seriously.