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    Jacqui Lambie Thinks Ebola Infected Suicide Bombers Are A Serious Possibility

    "What is your contingency plan to fight this?"

    The long drawl of Senate Estimates (where politicians get to poke and prod the public service) can sometimes get boring. Not when Senator Jacqui Lambie is around to ask a very serious question about Ebola infected suicide bombers.

    The Vice Chief of the Australian Defence Force Vice Admiral Ray Griggs was listening attentively.

    Lukas Coch / AAP Images

    And then came the question.

    And you can sense at that exact moment, Vice Admiral Griggs' heart broke.

    Lukas Coch / AAP Images

    Vice Admiral Griggs' full response to the question.

    "I don't believe there is any evidence that that is a likely course of action. One of the things we have playing to our advantage is our geographic isolation and the length of time that it takes simply to get to Australia. And the life cycle of the virus it becomes very obvious... how sick someone is. I think the ability to inject someone into the country that is not showing symptoms is quite difficult."



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