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G20 Shock: Kim Kardashian's Butt Has Already Broken The Summit

She's breaking the G20. NSFW features BUTT!

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1. At the G20 summit, Kim K is putting the JUNK in: "excuse me miss we need to search your trunk".

Patrick Hamilton/AFP / Getty Images

2. She's slaying UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Mark Nolan / Getty Images

3. And the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wanted to greet Australia... but he's thanking the world that Kim is here.

Getty Images

4. Kanye will be coming for Prime Minister Tony Abbott if he doesn't put his damn tongue back in his mouth.

Peter Parks/AFP / Getty Images

5. Former Global Chairman KPMG Michael Andrew nearly fell off his chair, man!

Getty Images

6. Mrs West's derrière really was the hottest topic of conversation at the G20.

Getty Images

7. Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and New Zealand Prime Minister John Key could not keep up with Kim Kardashian.

Jason Dorday / Getty Images

8. She's well and truly broken the G20. Yaaaaasssss Kim!

Greg Wood/AFP / Getty Images