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    Kim Dotcom May Be About To Bring Down The New Zealand Prime Minister

    The internet entrepreneur has promised to reveal evidence "that John Key lied."

    Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom is expected to hold a dramatic public forum days out from the NZ election aimed at destroying Prime Minister John Key's credibility.

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    The founder of former streaming website Megaupload told 3 News NZ, "I invite everyone to come there because that is going to be the day where I'm going to reveal my evidence.

    "My evidence around the political interference and my evidence that John Key lied."

    Mr Doctom has booked the Auckland Town Hall five days before the September 20 election, with the intention of releasing documents allegedly showing Mr Key has lied about spying in New Zealand.

    NZ Prime Minister John Key. Photo: Phil Walter / Getty Images

    According to 3 News NZ the documents will also include leaks by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

    Allegations are also expected to centre around the 2012 raid on Mr Dotcom's house which saw him arrested linked to US charges of copyright infringement.

    3 News NZ / Via

    Mr Dotcom maintains the Prime Minister knew about the investigation into the internet entrepreneur well in advance.

    He confronted Mr Key in a 2013 parliamentary hearing into spying laws.

    3 News NZ / Via

    Mr Key continues to maintain he had limited knowledge of the raid just one day before it was about to occur.

    3 News NZ / Via

    Mr Dotcom's Internet Party is contesting the September 20 election where John Key is widely tipped to be returned as Prime Minister.

    Phil Walter / Getty Images

    US authorities have been pursuing Kim Dotcom for alleged copyright infringement linked to the operation of defunct streaming website, Megaupload.

    Kim Dotcom / Via

    Kim Schmitz assumed the name and persona Kim Dotcom through more than two decades working as a prominent hacker, businessman and net neutrality activist.

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