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Karl Stefanovic Will Play Himself In An Upcoming Hollywood Blockbuster

Ready your Oscar voting forms pls.

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King of Australian breakfast television and Lord of the Internet Karl Stefanovic shared some truly special news on Wednesday... apparently he's playing himself in the upcoming sequel to Independence Day.

Stefanovic was invited to New Mexico for the movie's internal press event and impressed casting directors so much HE GOT A PART!

"I went onto the set and there was this blue screen thing happening and then [cast and crew] all sat down and said 'Righto, there's going to be a speaking part given to one of you press people."

"It may not be long, it may not be very involved, and it may be awful."

Look it might be awful (seriously why does this movie need a sequel?) but at least Karl will be starring alongside Hollywood stars Liam Hemsworth, Charlotte Gainsbourg and the wonderful, the sexual, Jeff Goldblum.

So let's be the first to say it: Dear Academy, this is Karl Stefanovic. He is Australia's greatest performer.

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Please give him an Oscar to go alongside his Gold Logie.

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