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Rebecca Judd Smashes The Daily Mail For Skinny-Shaming Women


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Rebecca Judd's latest blog post slams the media's obsession with women's bodies, taking aim at all the haters who obsess and call her "too skinny".

She posted the blog post "OMG do you eat?" on Thursday with the caption: "Pic above is of my sister and I at 32 weeks pregnant with Oscar. #skinnygenes"

"We wonder why there are so many nasty, negative internet trolls out there and we also wonder why so many women have body issues- ummm, probably because they read The Daily Mail," she said.

"To have a publication like The Daily Mail continually judging women's bodies (yeah not men's- funny that hey?) has a flow on effect in society. Likewise the discussion of body types on our own chat shows (Today, Mornings, Sunrise etc.) has a similar effect."

Judd was trolled on Instagram for posting photos in the wake of giving birth to her son earlier this year.

The 31-year-old former speech pathologist saw debate rage in the comments as well as on gossip news sites.
I'll have my breakfast croissant with jam and cream and a strong latte (full cream milk thanks) yet I'm supposedly the one with the eating disorder? Ok then. Remember, being thin is a body type not an illness. When was the last time you 'worried' that a thin man had an eating disorder or that he was being a bad role model? That's right, you didn't.