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Josh Thomas Replied To Lena Dunham Praising Him And It Was Incredibly On Brand

Australia's most adorable man.

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We've all known Josh Thomas was a Voice Of A Generation for some time. At least since his amazing Please Like Me came out (which he writes, directs and stars in!!!). Now a fellow VOAG has weighed in...

All I ever want is to be curled in bed watching Please Like Me. This show soothes my existential unrest. I love you @JoshThomas87

Ok stay cool Josh, Lena Dunham basically just called you a VOAG. Definitely think about what you tweet back.

@lenadunham I loved you too! OMG can we tweet eachother compliments then meet up and become best friends like you did with Taylor swift?


@lenadunham *LOVE. Not 'loved.' Shit.

Oh well.

I'm just never going to get to stop being clumsy.