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People Are Posting Photos Of New Zealand's Prime Minister Touching Little Girls' Ponytails

#Ponytailgate is incredibly weird and creepy.

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Reddit users and a Tumblr blog have started posting photos of New Zealand prime minister John Key touching girls' ponytails and it's incredibly creepy.

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Key is engulfed in a remarkable local scandal, some people are calling "#ponytailgate", after it was revealed a cafe waitress told the prime minister to stop puling her hair at work.

"In the Court of King John, someone needs to tell the Prime Minister when he is behaving like a jerk," wrote prominent Kiwi journalist, John Armstrong, in the New Zealand Herald on Thursday.

Key has apologised and tried to dismiss his actions as "a bit of banter" but threats of legal action and questions over his character have continued to mount.

Reddit users responded by posting photos of other times when Key got up close and personal with people's hair.

The Tumblr blog, Another Day In Tricophilia is also scouring his past and finding creepy photos.

Here's another.

There happens to be several instances where the PM and girls' hair come into contact.

And #ponytailgate goes deeper....

A former political adviser, Mark Blackham, has written a blog post claiming his daughter and her friends were also victims of Key's alleged hair-pulling.

"My 12-year old daughter watched the TV news last night and exclaimed 'that's what the Prime Minister did at Te Papa to my two friends,'" he wrote.

"She was talking about the NZ Prime Minister John Key pulling the ponytail of a cafe worker, and previous footage of him touching a young girl's ponytail."

Opposition MPs are lining up to speak out against Key's hair-pulling, with the Greens calling on him to resign over behaviour it calls harassment.