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This One Graphic Illustrates The Liberal Party's "Problem With Women"

Boys to the front.

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Less than a year after the Liberal party acknowledged it had a "problem with women", it's gone ahead and picked a bunch of young white men in the latest round of pre-selection battles.

A leaked Liberal executive report last year acknowledged there was a "boys' club culture" within the party and there was a perception that the process of picking new candidates was designed to "keep outsiders out".

Well in the lead-up to the 2016 election, pre-selection battles keep falling to men.


Fellow young dude (and former head of the National Retail Association) Trevor Evans won Liberal pre-selection in the seat of Brisbane, replacing the departing Theresa Gambaro.

Liberal Party of Australia

It is significant to note that Evans, who is gay, will face off against Labor's Pat O'Neill in the Queensland seat, setting up an historic battle... it'll be the first time two major party candidate's in an electorate are gay.

Don't forget human rights commissioner Tim Wilson who takes over from retiring trade minister Andrew Robb in the safe Victorian seat of Goldstein.

Liberal Party of Australia

Wilson, who is also gay, faced down a bitter pre-selection battle including unnamed Liberal figures who conducted a scare campaign against him.


The Coalition recently picked three women for the top slots on their senate ticket, including senator Concetta Fierravanti-Wells, deputy Nationals leader Fiona Nash and disability rights campaigner Hollie Hughes.

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