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Everyone Is Obsessed With This Guy Who Got Pranked On Halloween

An inside-joke goes global.

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They've been creating amazing memes and even told the story through a BuzzFeed community post.


Hennessy told BuzzFeed News, "I wasn't expecting it, actually I was one of the first people there so I was sort of just hit repeatedly as people arrived."

BuzzFeed News asked one of the friends who organised the prank whether it was done out of love or trolling.

"A bit of both naturally, it was first and foremost because we thought it'd be hilarious but we all love JR and knew he'd be a good sport about it," said Andy Camera.

"It's totally surreal, we didn't think anyone outside of this corner of Australian Twitter would get it or even care, so to see it blowing up everywhere is bizarreā€¦ JR's mentions have also been completely ruined, so it's like the owns just keep on rolling," said Camera.


It's also going CRAZY on Tumblr!

"Let me just say this: it was inevitable that the entire teen internet would one day work in formation to own me drastically," he said.

"I will never change my display picture again."