This Cat's Nose Might Just Break Australia's Heart

    Queen of Oz.

    A cat with the exact replica of the map of Australia on her nose has stolen the hearts of Sydney's Royal Easter Show and, well, she should be made Queen of Australia.


    The adorably named "Oz" is an Oriental Longhair and was presented to veterinarian doctors for assessment yesterday ahead of judging at the Easter Show. And everyone's hearts melted.

    "I was assisting in vetting the cats at the Royal Easter show yesterday and we saw Oz and we were all dumbfounded," said Dr Anne Fawcett to BuzzFeed News.

    "I have been a vet for over 10 years and I've seen the odd animal with strange markings. Usually they are a love heart or sometimes people like to see an initial," said Dr Fawcett. Like this cat:

    But she said "Oz" was different...

    "The map is perfect and she's beautiful. There's a little Great Australian Bight at the base of her nose and you even have a map of Tasmania there!"

    "You could say that she won the genetic lottery."

    Damn right she is beautiful. So beautiful she's now Australia's head of state.

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