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Tony Abbott Undies To Make You Go NOPE

Glam your clam.

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Etsy - known for both brilliant and WTF purchases - has thrown up a new one: white, cotton undies with Tony Abbott's winking face on them.

The Abbott undies are the brainchild of Swedish entrepenuer Isa Lappalainen, who currently lives in Melbourne. Her "Glam Your Clam" series also has some other choice Aussie legends... like Ned Kelly.

You could tell someone "that's not a knife" with these stylish Dundee undies.

And avoid stingrays and gropers with some Steve Irwins.

You could always try some Vagemite.

If you're a bit more wordly, you can always rep Putin panties.

But if you have just $16 left in your bank account, go for the winking Abbotts. *shudder*