Australia Has An Alt-Right Movement And It's Called #DingoTwitter

    The white nationalists are down under.

    The rise of Donald Trump in the US coincided with the emergence of a new movement of aggressive white nationalists who call themselves the "alt-right" online.

    Now in Australia, similar social media accounts espousing the same vicious, racist, anti-immigration rhetoric and memes have popped up, rallying around the hashtag #DingoTwitter.

    Like their American counterparts, accounts purporting to be members of #DingoTwitter rail against immigration, Islam, Judaism, feminism, and multiculturalism.

    That's not all. The group has targeted Australia's Sudanese refugee population, Muslim and feminist activists, and has taken a big interest in the freedom of speech debate around the Racial Discrimination Act.

    "Aborigine genocide, British Colonization, EmuLivesMatter, and something we like to call 'banter politics'," cited user NIK, when asked what #DingoTwitter is all about.

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    According to the group, "Banter politics" plays into an idea that they're not being entirely serious about what they're posting – i.e. they're trying to troll people. Some of those ideas are shown on this graphic obtained by BuzzFeed News titled "Dingo Twitter Content Mindset".

    One signature of the group is taking local links and targetting the polls with overseas votes to alter the outcome.

    #DingoTwitter even made it to the screen of Australia's top-rated political show, the ABC's Q&A.

    A few weeks earlier they scored some screentime on ABC's Hack Live special episode on immigration and far-right groups in Australia.

    While #DingoTwitter might be a joke to some, it's definitely a more serious political movement for others. People claiming to be "esoteric Lathamists" have taken the American alt-right ideas and started Australian blogs and podcasts.

    In the most recent episode, during a discussion about scrapping the Racial Discrimination Act, the group made it abundantly clear that their interests are served by One Nation.

    According to user NIK, the #DingoTwitter community is both foreign alt-right accounts and Australian users with the same white nationalist message.