Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Raised To Help Disabled Baby Abandoned By Aussie Couple

#HopeforGammy captures Australia

1. A six-month old Thai boy known simply as “Gammy” was abandoned by Australian surrogate parents when they discovered he had Down syndrome and a congenital heart condition.

Hope for Gammy / Via gofundme.com

Fairfax Media reports, 21-year-old Pattharamon Janbua was paid more than $12,000 to have surrogate twins for the Australian couple who had organised the commercial deal through a Thai agent.

According to Ms Pattharamon, the Australian couple asked her to have an abortion when they found out one of the twins would be born with down syndrome.

She refused because of her Buddhist beliefs.

It’s been reported the couple refused to take the twins, and instead took the healthy twin back to Australia.

2. Ms Pattharamon - who became a commercial surrogate to settle personal debts - has been left with the critically ill child in Bangkok. She reached out to several Thai charities for financial support.

Hope for Gammy / Via gofundme.com

3. The news of Ms Pattharamon and Gammy’s situation spread throughout Australia on Friday, leading to tens of thousands of dollars being pledged to the Thai woman and child through an online fundraising site called “Hope for Gammy”.

Hope for Gammy / Via gofundme.com

4. The largest pledge has come from a Bangkok-based fertility doctor Dr Pisit Tantiwattanakul, who is involved in surrogacy deals charging up to $42,000 for western couples.


Using surrogates to have children is banned in Australia, with many couples going to locations like Thailand and India to have surrogate children.

There are attempts from authorities to crackdown on the largely unregulated commercial surrogacy industry in Thailand.

5. Many of the other pledges come from those who have surrogate or twin children.


6. The fundraisers have told BuzzFeed, “We are overwhelmed and very grateful.”

Hope for Gammy / Via gofundme.com

It claims to be a “group of caring families who have been touched by the story”.

Following questions about how the money will be distributed, a spokesperson told BuzzFeed that it is establishing a trust fund and, “we are working with two Thai charities who are well known and trusted”.

7. The outpouring of support for the sick child was split between disbelief…

Those people just left Gammy behind like he was nothing, like he wasn't a helpless baby, all because he has Down's Syndrome. Fuck

— Cathy (@morlonbrondo)

8. …and those happy that Australians had started sending money to the desperate mother and sick boy.

I love my country for being so generous. get better soon gammy!

— natalie delvecchio (@miz_nats)

I just donated to little Gammy.I hope you all do too.Would be great for Australians to help this little fella.Go here>http://t.co/p6BPvQHQU1

— Lou (@Msloulou77)

10. While it brought up ethical issues surrounding commercial surrogacy.

The worst case scenario situations show the deep fault lines of a framework that views surrogacy as simply about "choice"

— Feminist Book (@mamabook)

11. Ms Pattharamon warns other Thai women against entering into surrogacy arrangements: “If something goes wrong no one will help us and the baby will be abandoned from society.”

Hope for Gammy / Via gofundme.com

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