The Prime Minister's Top Adviser Is A Style Icon. Here's How You Can Get His Look.

    Because Brexit doesn't mean you can't look good.

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    Ever since Dominic Cummings re-burst back onto Brexit's centre stage, people everywhere have been asking: "Uhhh...wait, WTF is he wearing????"

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    Boris Johnson's most important adviser has been showing up to work at one of the world's most famous addresses looking like this:

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    Come now.

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    Is that a...folder clip?

    Actually that's not fair. There are other times he'll rock the quilted gilet look, like an under-slept tech tycoon back from a fox hunt.

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    Suits? During Brexit?! Nah-uh. We're pivoting to comfort, accompanied by a commemorative tote bag from your favourite West End show.

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    We're here to equip you with the latest look for Brexit. Let's go...

    All right, firstly, if you're spending the weekend getting asked "Hey, how's Brexit going?" try these Ray-Ban frames with the nearest company T-shirt you can find. Cummings' lenses appear to be transitional, or as Theresa May would call them, implementational.

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    Starting to get cold on your morning commute? Why not try the Joules quilted gilet, or, as the company calls it, a "bodywarmer". The gilet is the backstop of every wardrobe: an insurance policy for chilly spring evenings and mild winters. And don't forget to stop off at the North London Elite Metropolitan deli on the corner.

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    For when you're dodging journalists asking questions on the record, there's the perfectly relaxed Adidas zip-up hoodie with extra-long jeans look.

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    Need to anonymously brief a political editor in comfort? There's a look for that...don't look past the Levi's grey hoodie.

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    And when you're trying to tiptoe around the crumbling remains of parliamentary democracy, get the comfy Nike Jordan Express basketball kicks (if you can still find them).

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    Finally, if you're facing the harsh realities of fresh food shortages under a no-deal Brexit, take a look at this random grey beanie we found on Amazon which kind of matches the Kinetic II waterproof jacket.

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