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A True Genius Has Put Christopher Pyne Perfectly Into Star Wars

"I fixed it."

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ABC Insider's (incredible) producer Huw Parkinson has put together a hilarious parody of education minister Christopher Pyne's claims he is "the fixer".

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The video uses the most memorable outtakes from Mr Pyne's calling himself the fixer on Sky News last week.

Mr Pyne assured everyone that by tinkering with the higher education proposals he had "fixed it" and that they would then pass the senate.

They didn't.


As Labor MP Ed Husic rightly put, this is the best parody in a long time.

Ok Star Wars Fixed on #Insiders is the best thing I've seen in a political show in a lonnnnnng time #gold

UPDATE: Mr Pyne tweeted on Sunday afternoon that he's ready to take up a starring role. I'm available for Star Wars VII if JJ Abrams wants to know...