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12 Times Peter Dutton Was "An Outstanding Immigration Minister"

The prime minister heaped praise on Dutton today ... let's check the tape.

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1. Remember when he called News Corp journalist Samantha Maiden a "mad fucking witch" in a text message ... and accidentally sent it to her!

"Hello is that Telstra? This is Peter Dutton. How do you stop a text?" #auspol

2. And when he dismissed an investigation by Amnesty International, which claimed Australia paid bribes to people smugglers, as an "ideological attack".

Stefan Postles / Getty Images

3. When he complained about media coverage by saying Fairfax Media was waging a "bit of a jihad" against his government.

Here are @PeterDutton_MP's comments regarding a 'jihad' against the Government in some sections of the media.

4. And someone was quick to point out that Tony Abbott had some pretty good advice for politicians who complain about the media.

5. When we asked the same question seven times about whether a boat had come to Australia and he didn't answer.

Paul Miller / AAP Images

6. When his office asked for an unflattering photo to be taken down from the internet, so obviously it became a viral meme.

7. When he tried to ask Twitter for some retweets ... and it backfired.

.@PeterDutton_MP Has the Australian government paid money to people smugglers? FAV for No. RT for Yes.

8. When this media release was sent out suggesting immigration officials would be doing footpath immigration checks in Mebourne ... and Operation Fortitude was cancelled six hours later.

Wait… Australian Border Force (fmr Immigration) is conducting a public transport operation in inner city Melbourne?

9. When he launched the "Australian Border Force" and the country got a new flag.

Our glorious new flag design, appropriately flying at half mast. #boundlessplainstoshare

10. And when it was revealed Dutton's immigration department spends more money on medals than the defence department does.

Stefan Postles / Getty Images

11. When greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young was spied on by guards on Nauru, who gave her the nickname "The Raven".

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

12. And never forget when Peter Dutton outstandingly made a private "lame" joke about Pacific Island nations being threatened by climate change.

ABC News

While the prime minister laughed.

ABC News

And Scott Morrison spotted a boom mic capturing the whole bloody thing.

ABC News

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