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It's Worth Remembering The Politicians Who Boycotted The Stolen Generations Apology

Not sorry.

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On February 13, 2008, prime minister Kevin Rudd delivered an apology to the Stolen Generations.

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It was a historic day, but it's worth remembering there were some MPs who staged a boycott of the event.

They include...


The immigration minister Peter Dutton defended his boycott on ABC's Q&A in 2010.

"I regarded it as something which was not going to deliver tangible outcomes to kids who are being raped and tortured in communities in the 21st century," Dutton said.

"Now, if I thought for a moment that it was going to deliver positive outcomes to those kids, to their families, to those communities, then I would support it in a heartbeat."


Prime minister Kevin Rudd apologised on February 13, 2008. An earlier version of this story misstated the date.