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Everyone Has Gone Batshit Insane Over Matthew Dellavedova

"Going to buy myself a kangaroo when I'm older and call him Dellavedova".

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Meet Matthew Dellavedova, unlikely Australian basketball star and the new hero of Cleveland's bid to win the NBA Finals series.

Did you see that play?!@!@!#

When he's not stopping MVP Steph Curry he's setting up team mate Lebron James. Like this:

In Game 3, Dellavedova scored 20 points and again terrorized the Warriors. The crowd went batshit crazy for him.

"DEL-LY! DEL-LY" chants raining down in Cleveland.

It was hilarious because he's actually a small, undrafted guy from Australia. Like goddamn, how is he so good at basketball?!

MVP and potentially the greatest player ever on the floor and the crowd is chanting the name of lil Aussie. Brilliant.

(Arguably) the greatest player of all time thinks he's the team's superman.

"He's made of steel or something... He's huge. He gives us the grit that we need." LeBron James on Matthew Dellavedova #NBAFinals

Just watch him superman-ing across the court like a crocodile. What a tenacious beast.

That Dellavedova-dive has everyone losing their mind.

#Dellavedova signature move is diving head first to the ground for the ball #NBAFinals2015 @Downtownball

He puts his body on the line and isn't afraid to get down and dirty.

David Lee giving Dellevadova a little honk. #NBAFinals

D3LLY is such an unlikely superstar that some people are making comparisons.

The lookalikes are compelling.

Like what can't he do?!

Matthew Dellevadova droppin albums now tho, 😩😩😩😩.

His life is a compelling narrative: Melbourne streets to the big time.

Matthew Dellevadova's life is basically Lose Yourself by Eminem.

Americans are claiming him as their own.

Teddy Roosevelt. Dwight D. Eisenhower. John Glenn. Matty Dellevadova. All great Americans. All with true grit.

But we all know he's more special than that.

Matthew Dellevadova came from Hogwarts✨💫✨ #Griffindore ...

It's a long way to the top and D3LLY is there.

Tell you one thing, Dellevadova is going to OWN the rec league in The Shire later this summer

He's serving up the crazy in these NBA Finals.

Dellevadova is undefeated this season when his team scores more than the opposing team @DellyFact #ALLinCLE

Teachers others of the value of Australian culture.

Going to buy myself a kangaroo when I grow wealthy and call him Dellevadova

His name is Matthew Dellavedova. Legend from Down Under.

"ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED??" -Matthew Dellevadova

Bow down to D3LLY!!!!!