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    Labor MP Reveals Love For LOLcats In Suspicious Twitter Dump

    Michael Danby tweeted his top 10 cats and it had everyone scratching their heads.

    Michael Danby tweeted ten pictures of LOLcats all at once on Monday, fueling speculation he'd been hacked. It turned out he just really likes cats.

    ABC News 24 / Via

    The Labor Member for Melbourne Ports posted the pictures with no warning and several hours after tweeting about national security.

    It was all rather curious.

    I wonder what Michael Danby’s Twitter password was.

    James Clark@_spockFollow

    I wonder what Michael Danbys Twitter password was.

    1:32 PM - 03 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    So what happens when Danby joins 4chan?

    Danby is now going to demand Twitter retain data.

    Josh Taylor@joshgnosisFollow

    Danby is now going to demand Twitter retain data.

    1:39 PM - 03 Nov 14ReplyRetweetFavorite

    A spokesman for Mr Danby's office has told BuzzFeed he wasn't hacked.

    "No no. He just really likes them and wanted to tweet his favorite cat photos."

    10. BuzzFeed has decided to rank Mr Danby's favourite cat memes. Here goes....

    Shine on Mr Danby. It's what the internet is for.