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    Commuters Push Train Off Trapped Man

    Mind the gap please.

    A Perth man slipped and became wedged between a train and the platform at Stirling station on Wednesday afternoon.

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    Transport spokesman David Hynes told the ABC: "He stood in the doorway and as he was sort of taking up his position there, one leg slipped outside the door, slipped outside the gap, and he was stuck.

    "We alerted the driver, made sure the train didn't move."

    Security footage obtained by ABC News shows the man falling through the gap.

    TransPerth / ABC News / Via

    The commuters and passengers then mobilised for some good old-fashioned people power.

    TransPerth / ABC News / Via

    Hynes said the train staff got the passengers off the train "and organised them to sort of rock, tilt the train backwards away from the platform, so they were able to get him out and rescue him."

    Renae Bryant / Via Twitter: @MeredithFrost

    The train required two pushes for the man to dislodge his leg be set free.

    TransPerth / ABC News / Via

    There was applause for the group effort.

    TransPerth / ABC News / Via

    An ambulance was called for the man, but he escaped any serious injury.


    The ABC News video of the incident can be seen below.

    View this video on YouTube

    Across Australia there are warnings to stand clear of oncoming trains.

    But maybe it's time to embrace the British model when boarding.


    Until that time, Australians! BE CAREFUL GETTING ON THE TRAIN.

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