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People Are Lighting Candles For Bali Nine Leaders In Their Final Hours

The #IStandForMercy campaign takes over.

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Last minute candlelit vigils were held for the Bali Nine leaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran in Australia's major cities on Tuesday night.

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Chan and Sukumaran are convicted drug smugglers and are among nine prisoners in Indonesia who are set to be executed. Hundreds of people came together to pray and show support for those on death row.

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In the prisoners' final few hours, Australians who objected to their fate flooded social media with photos of candles with the hashtag #IStandForMercy.

People set up household vigils for the men.

I will be awake with you Myu & Andrew through the night You're not alone #IStandForMercy @MercyCampaign @BenQuilty

And sent touching messages of support.

To love is human, to forgive, divine...#IStandForMercy #chansukumaran

@MercyCampaign #IStandForMercy #MyuranSukumaran #AndrewChan

@MercyCampaign #IStandForMercy full of sadness tonight, I stand with you all.

On the darkest night for Andrew, Myuran, and their loved ones, flood the internet with light. #IStandForMercy

No sleep 2nite. There's a candle in my window for them #IStandForMercy #HopeTillTheVeryEnd #BaliNine #ItsTimeToChange

Pre meditated murder by any government is wrong #IStandForMercy

The prisoners are scheduled to be executed by firing squad on Tuesday 1700 GMT.