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    This Woman's Taxi Arrest Was Caught On Video And It's Really Brutal

    "Next one comes near, tase 'em."

    The rough arrest of a woman involved in an alleged taxi driver's assault in Sydney's Kings Cross has been caught on video and posted to Facebook.

    Police allege the woman was with three other men when they started an argument with a taxi driver in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Officers claimed one of the men punched the driver over a dispute about an extra service charge.

    A driver then waved down a passing police car and officers moved into arrest the group.

    A witness filmed the woman's arrest which shows two female officers roughly pinning her down and beating her with a baton. Towards the end of the video, a male officer piles onto the woman and tells others: "Next one who comes near, tase 'em".

    NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione defended the officers actions and insisted a police officer was also assaulted in the exchange.

    "Let's face it, police that are involved in making arrests where somebody's been assaulted, often they are very heated and you can be sure that from time to time they get very physical," he said.

    Commissioner Scipione said the video will be considered by the courts. Watch the full eye-opening video, here.

    Facebook: video.php