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Julie Bishop Really Just Answered A TV Question With Real-Life Emoji Face

"I'm going to answer in emoji..."

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Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has taken her love for emoji's to the next level, answering a TV question put to her from Channel 9's Karl Stefanovic with a real-life emoji face.

Ms Bishop was being quizzed about the revelation that Governor-General Peter Cosgrove's office asked for up to $100,000 worth of appliances, which included the super blender known as the "Thermomix."

Labor Senator Joe Ludwig expressed surprise at the item during Senate Estimates yesterday, admitting, "I don't know what a Thermomix is."

Stefanovic asked Ms Bishop if she knew about the existence of the Thermomix. She replied...

A look through the emoji keyboard would suggest maybe she was making the character for "embarrassment"?

Ms Bishop gave her first ever political interview to BuzzFeed News last week, answering serious diplomatic questions with the characters.

Lukas Coch for BuzzFeed / AAP

Karl "King of the Internet" Stefanovic replied with his best emoji impression. Australian politics is getting weirder.