Australia’s Best Parody Twitter Account Shocks Everyone And Retires

“#imagen Kevin Rudd never fired and still PM today”.

1. It was the parody account that captured the imagination (imagenation?) of Australian politics fans. @Rudd2000 posed a simple question; what if Kevin Rudd were still Prime Minister today?

2. 3,000 posts later and with the account more popular than ever, the final tweet came with Twitter favourite Anthony Albanese (Ablo) eating the main character.

3. The mystery as to who was behind @Rudd2000 was revealed when University of Canberra journalism lecturer Scott Bridges and University of Newcastle Philosophy PhD student Stephen Owen stepped from behind the curtain.

4. It turned out Scott and Stephen officially retired the much loved account over a frothy beer.

5. The account provided the clearest and most consistently funny commentary on Australian politics in recent times.

6. With the distorted and absurd narcissism of Kevern a daily treat and the perfect escape from the often bleak situation.

Kevern say giddaye every single person on Twitter except That Woman

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

7. The account rejoiced in the arrival of a new Prime Minister.

Toney Abert worn out he lie in three continent in two days so much lying even for world class proficient lying expert liar

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

Toney Abot can’t log into computer he keep putting in wrong password on purpose just can’t help telling lies

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

9. And a new leader in the Labor Party,

Bull Shortarn say few words in tribute to Neilson Mandala poor Neilson get bored to second death

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

Not telling Bull Shraten how to do he job but Toney Abert tell lot more than one lie per day it like heaps more

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

11. @Rudd2000 often made people laugh in a hopeless and depressing situation.

Scot Moreson finally kill he tamagotchi it been fifteen years he try to starve that thing of everything it need

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

12. There were the central players all taking part.

Joel Hockey really angry and upset everybody think he elite and not understand common people he explain this to manservant over breakfast

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

13. But there were some @Rudd2000 recurring fringe characters like the homophobic Corey Bernardi.

Corey Bananardi call for inquiry into exact nature of relationship between Simpson and Simpson's Donkey

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

14. And The Australian’s Chris Kenny whose fight with the ABC over the “dog f*cker” skit became terrific fodder.

Dog fucking guy (allegedly) Chras Kenny really miss Twitter he go out on street throw rocks at strangers it almost the same

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

15. Because of course characters needed to interact.

Chris Kenny wear same dog to Midwinter Ball as Corey Barnardi very awkward

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

16. It would remind people of the day in Australian politics.

Warran Trass fully support colleagues fully support Israel he never really heard of this Israel maybe they interested in buy Aussie pork

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

17. And expose some of the more rigid politicians.

Peta Duten hang around photocopier but he just like smell of toner

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

18. And the more heartless policy measures.

Keven Andrew see World Vision sponsor starving African kid ad he call 1800 number tell them tell kid get a job

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

19. There were some heroes like Greens Senator Scott Ludlam’s hair.

Scot Ludlem wash Scot Ludlem's hair very expensive organic free range single origin shampoo well done Scot Ludlem's hair say Scot Ludlem

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

20. ABC Q&A host Tony Jones dubbed the defender of democracy.

Toney Jones catch taxi to ABC studio for #quanda taxi driver ask "where you off to mate" Toney Jons say "off to gatekeep democracy buddy"

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

21. And poor poor Craig Thomson.

Crag Thampsen add Jackey Lambey on Snapchat

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

22. If it was going to end, it was always going to be at the hands of Anthony Albanese’s legendary appetite.

Ablo get in mood for state of origin he drink 48 throwdowns XXXX even though it taste like piss ready fight any queenslander now

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

23. Even the man who ended it all stood up to applaud.

24. Because it made every Twitter feed lighten up with amazing zingers.

Both Labour and Lieberal parties terrified ebola come to Australia in case it beat them in Newspoll

— Kevin Rudd 2000 (@Rudd2000)

25. Thank you Scott and Stephen who are said to be happy “going out on their own terms”. Long live @Rudd2000.

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Mark Di Stefano is a political editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.
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