Australia’s Foreign Minister Just Said What Every Woman In The World Is Thinking About Trump

You do wonder.

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During his visit to France this week, US President Donald Trump stunned people by remarking to French President Emmanuel Macron that his 64-year-old wife is "in such good physical shape, beautiful."

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Appearing on ABC TV's Insiders Sunday, the 60-year-old Bishop was asked whether she would be "flattered or offended" if Trump told her she was in "such good physical shape."

Australian Foreign Minister @JulieBishopMP "taken aback" by Trump. #insiders #auspol #trump

Everyone immediately spilled their morning coffees.

"wonder if she could say the same thing about him" @JulieBishopMP on Trump's comments about the French President's wife being in good shape

Her response may have even shifted a few votes.

Okay Julie Bishop, that little 🔥 on Trump may have just made me a fan! 🤣 #insiders

It was done in the most low-key, subtle way.

Did Julie Bishop just call Donald Trump fat

The straight-talking is the kind of thing Trump can expect if he ever visits his US allies Down Under.

Julie Bishop just said what the women of the world have been thinking. #auspol #trump

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