13 Australian Animals Freaking Out In The Snow

Brrr… it’s cold down here.

Australian Olympic Gold Medallist Torah Bright tweeted this picture of some kangaroos shivering through morning snow.

1. Yes it does snow in Australia and it freaks out our wildlife. Like this drunk wombat.

2. The fella is just trying to eat some grass… then DAMN the snow gets all on your nose.

3. But this 40kg (90 pounds) wombat does not care about a little bit of snow.

4. This kookaburra is having an identity crisis in the snow.

Julian Robinson / Via Flickr: ozjulian

5. But even in a blizzard this one has broken out into a song!

6. This kangaroo can’t even deal with this winter.

7. And the cockatoos are wide-eyed and freaking out.

8. These Australian fairy penguins are repping the best jumpers out.

9. Even the furriest Koalas need to stay warm.

10. Because Australia is not supposed to be full of snow.

Josh Bush / Via jbushproductions.com

11. And when it is we get the snuffles like this echidna.

Josh Bush / Via jbushproductions.com

12. Remaining like a confused emu trudging through winter.

13. Asking this question.

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Mark Di Stefano is a political editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.
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