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    Detained Child Calls Australia "A Cult Of Racists, Liars" In Heartbreaking Nauru Letter

    "You have to help us."

    The letter written by a child in the Nauru detention centre angrily criticises Australia and makes an impassioned plea for freedom.

    Australian Human Rights Commission / Via

    The letter starts off...

    I'm (blank). I don't like to write anything to you. because I don't believe in you, in noan of you. You're nothing but a cult of racist, liers who's aim is to the kill the peoples even childrens in Nauru. Nauru is hell and you know everything about it. don't pretend that you dont! you know and you organized all that cruel, panic and brutality.

    The asylum seeker's name has been removed from the letter, which is one of more than 200 submissions to the Australian Human Rights Commission's National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention.

    Guardian Australia / Via

    Photos obtained by Guardian Australia last year, show some of the dozens of children detained at the Nauru detention centre, where asylum seekers can be seen exposed to hot and uncomfortable conditions.

    Australia sends asylum seekers, including children who arrive by boat to the detention camps for processing of their refugee claims.

    The letter continues....

    You don't believe in god but he believes in you and return your favours. I'm sure. god never help the people who are cruel and like the people who help the mankind. just imagin we swap places for a minute. I would you feel then? imagine you children were in our children circumstances. were you happy? I don't understand why you hate us? unfortuantly you hate us while we like you!

    Guardian Australia / Via

    and it finishes...

    but look what you have done with us. why? why? we fled from cruelty in our countries but you did something worst in million time with us. the last is that "you have to help us".

    Guardian Australia / Via

    Australia re-opened the Nauru detention camps in 2012, in what was government policy to stop an influx of asylum seeker boats to Australia's shores.

    ABC News

    The National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention heard evidence last month that there was a evidence of a cover-up of mental health issues among children asylum seekers.

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