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We Now Have Definitive Proof Australians Associate Tony Abbott With A Lizard

No, really, lizards.

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But now we finally know, the internet is not alone. Australians also think Tony Abbott is *maybe* a lizard.

At the very least, "lizard" is the word they have come to associate with the prime minister.


It's not good news because other words associated with our *allegedly* reptilian overlord include, "unimpressive and blokey", "dull and puppet" and "20th century mentality.

For good measure, Labor leader Bill Shorten was described as, "unknown and uncharacteristic", "tacky and fake" and "dull".

The market research will only fuel the internet's insatiable appetite for the Abbott-lizard conspiracy.

Because it's finally confirmation that Australians, when asked about Tony Abbott have one thing on the mind.

AUSTRALIA: when you think of our elected leader, Tony Abbott, you just think ‘lizard’

BuzzFeed has put questions to Mr Abbott's office on the lizard results. We will update the post when we hear back.