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Everyone's Completely Losing Their Minds Over These Murdoch Tabloid Front Pages

Yep, they're ABC symbols on ISIS flags.

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Following on from the controversy surrounding former terror suspect Zaky Mallah's appearance on ABC's Q&A on Monday night, Australians were waking up to some mind-blowing coverage in News Corp's major tabloids.

Your ABC at work ... but for the wrong team. Tomorrow's Herald Sun front page #theheraldsun

Melbourne's Herald Sun went with a photo-shopping of an ABC symbol into the original ISIS flag after prime minister Tony Abbott questioned the loyalty of the network.

Mr Abbott asked, "whose side are you on?" following Mallah's appearance on Q&A and now the government has called for a complete review of the show.

Not to be outdone, Brisbane's Courier Mail had someone with very similar glasses to ABC managing director Mark Scott waving quite the large black flag.

Sydney's Daily Telegraph editorialised, "how dare the taxpayer funded ABC allow this man spout his bile on national TV".

The front page of the @DailyTelegraph. #abc #auspol

Mallah, who was once charged with terrorism offences and then acquitted in 2005 - tweeted the front pages on Tuesday night, obviously able to see some humour in the situation.

Oh Lord! News Corp trash got it in for me tomorrow. Time for a holy ciggi 🚬😂

There were some people within the ABC who did not find it funny. One reporter spoke out about being offended.

@couriermail that front page is deeply offensive and upsetting to me and I'm guessing many other good people who work at the ABC.

Another relative of an ABC employee did the same.

@chriskkenny I'm the child of an ABC employee do you think it's fair that my parent has been associated with ISIS due to news front pages?

Radio National presenter and former News Corp journalist Patricia Karvelas labelled them a disgrace.

What disgraceful front pages the @theheraldsun and @couriermail have - to mix the ABC with ISIS is a disgrace #auspol

Last Week Tonight's Tom Gleeson did his best to laugh off the situation.

Hang on, I work at the ABC. I don't remember seeing that guy around the office.

While one person thought that if the Guardian Australia let Mallah write for them yesterday, then, well, they'd probably be next.

Logically, we can expect the Courier to be running this front page by Tuesday next week

Prime minister Abbott is not the ABC's biggest fan and there's talk that government MPs might boycott Q&A entirely.

BuzzFeed News asked the ABC about the provocative front pages this morning. A spokesman had no comment.