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    These Superheroes Should Form The Avengers Of Southeast Asia

    Did you know that Mantis is Vietnamese?

    Before you continue, please know that this article contains spoilers about the ending of the lastest Avengers movie. Stay away if you still have not seen it.

    (But this post makes so much sense so you should continue reading. Promise.)

    Walt Disney Studios

    Okay then. So at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos defeated most of the superheroes and turned them into dust.

    I love the new avenger spider dust

    Twitter: @peachiwade / Via Twitter: @peachiwade

    Then after decimating the Avengers, the supervillain decided to chill in Ifugao in the Philippines.

    Sa Infinity War, after Thanos finished what we had to do, he retired to Ifugao in the Philippines to watch the sunset. Say n’yo?

    Twitter: @TeddyBaguilatJr / Via Twitter: @TeddyBaguilatJr

    And now that Thanos is in the Philippines, which we all know is in Southeast Asia, shouldn't its local heroes, perhaps, join forces to defeat him?

    Warner Bros. / NBC

    I mean, it makes sense, right?

    I nominate the following Southeast Asian superheroes to be a part of it:


    GMA Network

    Country: Philippines

    First appearance: 1950, in the comic book Pilipino Komiks

    Powers: Flight, super strength, super speed, telepathy

    Origins: Darna is the superhero form of Narda, an ordinary girl who found a strange stone of alien origins. Narda turns into Darna when she swallows the stone.

    Captain Barbell

    Captain America? Captain Marvel? Who? The only captain i know is Captain Barbell😤😤 #PhilippinesWantsTheMCUCast

    Twitter: @ProximaPolaris / Via Twitter: @ProximaPolaris

    Country: Philippines

    First appearance: 1963, in the comic book Pinoy Komiks #5

    Powers: Flight, super strength, invulnerability

    Origins: Captain Barbell is the superhero form of Tenteng, a weakling who was always bullied by his stronger brothers. One day, he finds a genie who gives him a barbell turns him into a superhero when he lifts it.

    Cicak Man

    Instagram: @kartunstudios / Via

    Country: Malaysia

    First appearance: 2006, in the movie Cicak Man

    Powers: Gecko-like traits like a massive prehensile tongue, the ability to stick to walls, and regenerative powers

    Origins: Hairi is a timid man who accidentally gained his powers when he drank coffee that was contaminated by a virus-infected gecko.



    Alexandra Trese

    BONUS: Mantis

    Marvel Studios

    Country: Vietnam

    First appearance: 1973, in the comic book The Avengers #112

    Powers: Psychic empathy, skilled at martial arts, can separate her physical and astral forms

    Origins: The Mantis in the movies and the Mantis in the comic books share a name (and a few powers), but they don't have the same origin stories. While the movie Mantis is an alien, the true comic book Mantis was born in Vietnam and was raised by aliens to become the Celestial Madonna, believed to be the the most important being in the universe.

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